A Different Life

This is the story of Rachel and Josh, a couple who chose to step away from their fast paced Californian life and wanted to learn a different way of living, connecting themselves with nature and basic things. 

The culture we are raised in tells us that to be happy, you need more. But what if it's not about getting more but rather needing less? 

With our Director Antoine, we wished to expose this “Different Life” through a mini documentary made for Corona Studios. 


One of the best period to travel to French Polynesia is during July-August, that is where marine life is well present and we could catch the best underwater images. Antoine travelled to French Polynesia for a 2 weeks stay, to live like Rachel and Josh, capturing amazing images of the intimate daily life far from any form of overconsumption. All three have been sailing with the boat named “Agape” around the islands and they did even experienced some bad weather which postponed their arrival day on the ground. 


Enjoy the film and be inspired by their story

“When I met Rachel and Josh in 2021 it was obvious that I wanted to make a project about them, their lives. 

 It was so incredible to me that two people of my age decided to radically change their lives to live simply and connected to nature. I spent two weeks with them on their boat in the Tuamotus in French Polynesia and I followed them with my camera in their daily life.

This shoot brought me a lot of skills that I didn't have, especially the creation of underwater content.”


Antoine Janssens, Director & Editor

Client Corona Studios

Director Antoine Janssens

Editor Antoine Janssens

Agency TOAST 

Encounters Rachel Moore & Josh Shankle