Greubel Forsey


Have you ever experienced an extraordinary journey, exploring different worlds, reaching to unknown lands, adopting new perspectives? That is where your quest of escape begins!


For the product launch of the new Greubel Forsey GMT, we created one-of-a-kind videos and photos, which inspire the travel, bringing us to undiscovered places where exclusive adventures can be lived.

We decided to express the experience of a lifetime, the ultimate way of living. And for this we decided to fly to Namibia to capture mind-blowing images in this authentic nature. The stunning landscape of Namibia provided the perfect backdrop for this watch campaign.


The production crew travelled around the country for one week in search of the most beautiful Namibian spots. For this production, we needed to be as flexible as possible, therefore our choice was made on a very skilled but small team. Our director Antoine Janssens together with Logan Lambert as a second camera operator and photographer, with Alicia Piattini in charge of the production, lived one of the best experiences in their lives, capturing the essence of the brand and delivering a truly inspiring piece of content.


Watch it and appreciate the Art of Escape.

Client Greubel Forsey

Agency TOAST

Producer Alicia Piattini

Director Antoine Janssens

2nd Cam/Photographer  Logan Lambert

Editor Antoine Janssens

Model Morgan Goodall

Local partners Safari Frank, Namib Film