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We are story shapers.

We believe that content which matters is born out of emotions and has to be true from the inside out.

Day by day, we feed our imagination, thanks to the many encounters in our lives : countries, people, projects, moments that help us grow. These experiences shape (y)our stories.

We strongly believe in collective intelligence, that of uniting talents to constantly innovate. Our multidisciplinary approach connects creative people together in designing uncommon ideas.

From concept to delivery, we support you in crafting your content strategy. Our limitless creativity captures your reality. Our off-the-beaten-track ideas help you do the same.

We call Switzerland home and the whole world, our film set.

How it all started ?

Film-making is our passion and one day, our passion became our job. Since then, we’ve always been driven by crafting narrative stories. Ones that live in the moment, share emotions, make you feel authentic and speak to all your senses.

At TOAST, this is how we shape your stories.

Antoine Janssens
Robin Vaneberg
Florian Fatton